Map: Cranbrook Community Forest

Thursday Nihgt Training set in the Cranbrook Community Forest Sylvan Lake is an ideal orienteering area: open runnable forest, an extensive trail network, technical terrain featuring rock features, ponds, small hills and open clearings.

This event has a choice of courses for those new to orienteering as well as technically challenging courses for  intermediate and experienced orienteers.  

Course - Scatter

A Scatter Orienteering format with short (2.5K); medium ( 4.0K); or Long (6.0K) handicap options. Perticipants will receive a map of Sylan Lake map. On the map will be marked 10 control points. Depends on the handicap, perticipant's can drop a couple of controls of their choiceThe goal is to locate the number of controls, required for your handicap and return to the finish in the shortest time.


 Bushwhacker (Experienced) - approx. 6.0 km course  10 control points 
 Bush avoider (Intermediate) - approx. 4.0 km course  8 control points
 Stuck in Bush (Beginner) - Approx. 2.5 km course  6 control points



Pre-registration is preferred.  Select a course and category then pay on the day.

 KOC Members    Free
 Not a member of an orienteering club    $5.00

Start Time: 6:30pm

Start Location: Kattle Lake Parking Lot

Registration Time: 6:15pm


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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