There is still time to register for this Sunday’s ski Orienteering event at the Kimberley Nordic Centre. With four courses to choose from and some great prizes from Stoke Juice Bar and Purcell Outdoor Sports, it’s a perfect opportunity to ski some of the trails and routes you might not usually take. Pre-register then pay on the day. There will be instructions for those new to ski-o. If you can ski and read a trail map then you’ve got the basics.
Amazing run tonight! 3 humans and 3 dogs soaked in the moonlight. Didn’t even turn the headlamps once! So great to get out even if my legs were tired from skating.
The Northstar Ski-O event is happening this Sunday, Feb. 24th at the Kimberley Nordic Centre. Courses from 4.0 - 13.0 KM. Pre-registration is preferred.
Sorry for the late post but we are running tonight! 6:30pm at Higgins St Nature Park entrance. See you there.
Great night for a run! 9 humans and 6 dogs out enjoying the fresh air. Thanks friends! See you next week.


Who are we? The Kootenay Orienteering Club hosts orienteering and trail running events in the Kootenay region of British Columbia, in particular, in the Rossland, Cranbrook and Kimberley areas.


More than just a run, orienteering combines fitness, strategy, map reading, and navigation skills to find a series of pre-set check -points.

Trail Running

Trail running get's you off the roads and onto softer ground. Whether running along a forest trail, over a hill or through an open field, training running can be both invigorating and great for your health.

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Attached is the latest version of the Kimberley Nordic Centre Trail map as of Jan. 21, 2019. Kimberley Nordic Club

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A fund to promote and support athlete, coaching and officials development. This fund is available to club members on an annual basis. Annual submissions must be made by September 30th.

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