June 23 - 25th, 2017 offers a rare chance for Kootenay Orienteers to participate in a major US orienteering event, just across the border near Boise, Idaho. This would be a excellent orienteering road-trip and a chance to run against the best US orienteers.
It looks like we'll be hosting an orienteering event somewhere near Kimberley or Cranbrook on May 24th, as part of World Orienteering Day. There will be events across the globe.
Western Canada's most popular orienteering weekend is coming up in Vancouver, this coming February 10th - 12th. Only $100 for a full series of races and training.
Less than a month to go. Registration is now open for Kimberley's one and only snowshoe race. It's Turkey Time! Turkey Run-off 2016 on December 31st at Lois Creek.
So last night's run took us on a a very new route and in the dark. Sadly for me, the leader, 9 runners became 6, though we quickly found the lost 3. Had a new pup join in and only tripped over her twice; she will get the hang of it pretty quick. And the two "lost" dogs showed up pretty quick at the end. Always an adventure! What a night. So great to be able to see the stars! See you all next week.


Who are we? The Kootenay Orienteering Club hosts orienteering and trail running events in the Kootenay region of British Columbia, in particular, in the Rossland, Cranbrook and Kimberley areas. 


More than just a run, orienteering combines fitness, strategy, map reading, and navigation skills to find a series of pre-set check -points.  

Trail Running

Trail running get's you off the roads and onto softer ground. Whether running along a forest trail, over a hill or through an open field, training running can be both invigorating and great for your health.

Why Just Run?

Our focus is to have fun while you run. The best way to get started is to just come out to any of the orienteering or trail running events. Our Thursday night TNT's are a perfect place to get started. If you arrive a few minutes before the starting time, we will give you a brief introduction and then you can go around all or part of a course, on your own or with someone else. It's easy to learn and a lot of fun.

Pursuit of Excellence

A fund to promote and support athlete, coaching and officials development.  This fund is available to club members on an annual basis. Annual submissions must be made by September 30th.

Pursuit of Excellence Application Form


Club membership is only $5.00 per year. (Join).