Organizer: Wakana Heilman (Organizer)

Map: Cranbrook Community Forest

Meet at 2nd Parking Lot off of Baker Mountain Rd. (See the Meeting Location Map below)

TNT Week #4: Let's get comfortable using your compass!

Corridor Advance: For advance level, looking for some challenges, this is fun practice for you. The map is white out except around the controls and large features so you need to take compass bearings across blank sections.

Corridor Intermediate: For intermediate level, not as technical as advance but you get to challenge some of blank sections to take compass bearing.

Non-Corridor: For beginners and if you aren't sure about your compass skill, Non-Corridor is a good exercise for you. You can stay on the trails with little bit of navigation (there are many trails and you need to keep track of where you are) and challenge yourself by take compass bearing to short cut the trails.

Free to 2018 KOC members or just $5/person to join.

Fun for all orienteering abilities, beginners welcome and family friendly.


Course Maps

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