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Organizer: Sylvestre Charles (Event Director)

Map: Cranbrook Community Forest


Start: from 6:00pm to 6:15pm.

Time on the course: Maximum time on the course is 75min. You must time yourself as you will loose 5 points a minute for any time over 75min.

Notes about the map: Not all trails are on the map. In particular there is a new mountain bike trail with banked curves and jumps West of Control 37. All of the logging debris on the Western portion of the map near the College of the Rockies have been nicely cleaned out and the dashed green polygon that represented that portion is now obsolete. A small eastern portion of the map is on private land and has been logged.

Control pickup: 8pm.

Results: Please download twice your time and write your name on one of the copies. Temporary results may be provided at the event. Final results will be posted online.



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