Organizers: John Chatwin (Event Director), Maureen de Camp (Course Planner)

Thursday Night Training - TNT

Meeting Place: In front of Kimberley Conference Centre, Kimberley Alpine Resort

Registration: pre-register on-line to help ensure don't print too maps extra maps.

Drop-ins are welcome.

Time: 6:00 - 6:15 pm

Map: Kimberley Alpine Resort map . This is a new orienteering map.  First will be the first event held in this area.  Map scale is 1:5,000


The course is a point to point course (controls points must be visited in order).  It will be a combination of forest and urban running.  The distance of 3.5 - 4.0 would be considered a 'middle' distance, in orienteering terms.  See types of orienteering

You are welcome to go out individually or, as a group.  There will be a introductory clinic for those new to orienteering.

Distance: The course will be about 3.5 km, as the crow flies so actually distance may be about 10% - 20% longer depending on your route choice.

Course Closing 8:00 pm

Fee: Free to KOC members. Non-members: $5.00 per person which includes 2015 membership.


Course Maps

Middle distance

Sprint distance


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