Organizer: Chris Bullock (Event Director)

Thursday Night Training - TNT

Meeting Place: Fraggle Rock (about 1 km NE of Cranbrook)

Registration: pre-register on-line to help ensure don't print too maps extra maps.

Drop-in registrations are welcome.

Registration & Check-in: 6:00 - 6:25 pm

Start: 6:30

Course Closing: 8:00 pm 

Map: Double Duck map . This map was new in 2014 and used at the Kootenay O Fest.


There will be two course options. One for beginners focussing on the use of trails and other linear features. The other takes you off the trails and lets you practise your map reading and compass skills. Introduction in compass use will be offered.

You are welcome to go out individually or, as a group.

Distance: Both options are about 3>0 - 3.5 km in total distance

Fee: Free to KOC members. Non-members: $5.00 per person which includes 2016 membership.


Course Maps



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