Organizer: John Chatwin (Organizer)

Map: Lois Creek Winter Trails

  • Celebrate National Orienteering Week on the newly revised Lois Creek map (1:10,000 / 5m contours). Point to point orienteering with 3 courses offered: short/beginners, middle/intermediate, long/advanced, with a focus on route choice, contours, attack points and compass bearings.


Course 1

Laura Holmes 59.40

Melissa Howe 59:40

Jeremy Dawson 91.28

Liam Dawson 91.28

Course 2

Debbie Gale 90.58

Jim Webster 97.58

Mia Bohm 99.54

Bryan Peebles DNF

Dane Peebles DNF

Ryan Peebles DNF

Lori Clarke DNF

Dara Clarke DNF

Finn Bohm DNF

Jim Wang DNF

Sylvester Charles DNF

Course 3

David Howe 83.20

Marcos Martin 85.28

Mackenzie MacLean 92.26

Megan Howe 93.25

Chris Bullock 101.50

Daniel Holmes 124.12

Jack Britter 124.12


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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