Organizer: John Chatwin (Event Director)

Map: Myrtle Benchlands (Forest Crowne)

Start and finish are at the parking area at the first bend in the Forest Crowne Rd., site of the BC Champs, 2019.

Two courses are offered. The style is traditional point to point orienteering, ie. you must find the controls in order. (But don't worry, if you can't find one, just relocate and move on to the next.) The distances are short with many controls to find in a small but complex area.

Course 1 is for beginners / novice orienteers though the controls are all just slightly off trail. You will need to navigate, orient your map and read the map features in order to spot the control ribbons.

Course 2 is for intermediate level orienteers involving taking compass bearings, reading contours and vegetation changes and route planning.

If you are not sure which course to go on, try course 1, and if you do well, try course 2. It's all fun practice.

Coronateering Overview

With spring here, it is a great time to get outdoors, learn how to orienteer or practice skills of map reading and compass use, get in shape and be healthy.

However, due to the exceptional circumstances of our times, we are not able to have our usual training (TNT) events. Instead, we will be setting up orienteering training courses that can be completed in your own time, any time, over the coming weeks. For each event we will be hanging red / orange tape or pin flag (marked KOC and a control #) in the woods for a two week period, and individually emailing out maps. You print out the pdf to get your own map or keep it on your cellphone to use. Colour printed maps may be available for pick up, if you are not able to print your own. Contact the organizer to arrange this. Sorry, we can’t offer personalized orienteering skills training at this time. If you are new to the sport, check out this introductory slide show website:


  • Please stay home if you have any symptoms of illness.
  • Only participate with individuals from your immediate household.
  • Stay at least 2 metres away from all other park/wilderness users and do not congregate at the trailheads or control sites.
  • Do not touch the control tape – just get within a few metres.
  • Walk/run with extreme caution to avoid any injuries.
  • Take a cell phone with you for emergency purposes.
  • Let other people (friends/family) know where and when you are going.
  • Carry bear spray and know how to use it.
  • Carry a first aid kit.


These events are being offered free to all Kootenay Orienteering Club (KOC) members. For insurance reasons, everyone needs to be a current (2020) KOC member. Since, events will be very limited this year, membership is also free for 2020.

How it Works

Please fill out the on-line KOC KOC 2020 Membership form and waiver

Weekly event details will be posted on the KOC website and Facebook Page . Once registration opens for an event, register for the course of your choice (if different courses are offered) and include your email address or message the organizer through Facebook Messenger. The organizer will email you a map individually, if you are a club member.

Alternately, club members may download and print the map from the link below.

Myrtle Bench Coronateering C1 Easier.pdf

Myrtle Bench Coronateering C2 Medium.pdf

Run the course whenever you want during the times when the event is open. If you are interested in comparing results & routes with others, record a GPS track on your smartwatch or phone.

What should I bring?

-the event map and it is recommended that you place it in a see through plastic (zip-lock type) bag

-sturdy running shoes or light hiking boots

-clothes for the weather that you don't mind getting a little dirty

-a compass (if you know how to use one)

-your cell phone for emergencies

-a watch may be useful

-bear spray

How can you help?

These events are running entirely on volunteer manpower. If you are experienced in orienteering and feel confident in organizing an event, or if you would be willing to pick up tape at a specified time at the end of each event, we would love some help. Contact

Coronateering is an un-supervised activity. Participation is at your own risk.


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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