Organizer: Hilary Anderson (Event Director)

Another ski orienteering course that you can do on your own time and at your own speed. There are three variations of different lengths (Long ~ 12km; Medium ~ 8 km, Short ~ 6 km), all giving some options for which way to get from each control to the next. For maximum challenge don’t look at the course before you start your timer and make your decisions on the fly! All courses use some controls on single track – if you decide to skate, the fastest route might require a bit of double-poling.

Here are the instructions:

  • Choose which length course you want to do and download print a coloured copy of the course map.

Kimberley Nordic Spring Fling Ski-O SHORT.pdf

Kimberley Nordic Spring Fling Ski-O MEDIUM.pdf

Kimberley Nordic Spring Fling Ski-O LONG.pdf

  • Install the MapRun6 app on your Android or Apple phone.
  • Register your name.
  • Select Event:
    • Canada
    • British Columbia
    • Kimberley
    • Kimberley Nordic Spring Fling Ski-O
    • Long or Medium or Short
    • Download to your phone
  • Go to KNC with your printed map.
  • Open the app and Select “Proceed to Start”. The start is shown on the map as a triangle and is on the west side of the stadium where the stream flows under the main trail before the start of Meadow and Spruce trails. Listen for the beep and then start your course.
  • Visit each control in order, taking the route that you prefer. You should hear a beep as you reach each control. If not but you’re sure you’re there, continue on. Your GPS track can be checked later.
  • The finish is shown on the map as two concentric circles and is in the area of the ski rack and power pole just south of the waxing hut. Only when you hear the finish beep will your track and time be automatically uploaded to the leader board.
  • Select “Show Results” to see your own track. Select “All Results” to see the leader board.


Course Maps





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