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Map: Kimberley Kettles

This weeks TNT event will be held on the Kimberley Kettles Map. This was the site of the BC Sprint Champs in 2019! It is a forested area bounded by Trickle Creek Golf Course and the homes on Norton and Levirs Ave, extending into the nature park. The area has many subtle features and many trails for hiking and biking making it a challenging little area for orienteering right within Kimberley! There will be a point to point course for those that want that type of challenge and there will be a score-o option where you can plan your own route and choose what control sites you visit in any order.

Parking will be along Alpine Crescent, adjacent to Gerry Sorensen Way as the Bauernhaus will be open that evening! You will access the start by crossing Gerry Sorenson at the cross walk and heading along the Connies Way Trail in behind the houses on Alpenglow Court. The check in table will be near the start of Connie's Way trail and you will be directed to the start from there.

The area of Trickle Creek Golf Course has been highlighted as out of bounds on your map with clear black vertical lines. Do not go anywhere ON the golf course, not even the cart paths!!! Plan your route choice around this area. The adjacent neighborhood yards are all coloured as "olive green". Olive green on an orienteering map is ALWAYS out of bounds! Do not go through peoples yards as a route choice.

This is a fun and challenging little area that sees a fair amount of use. Enjoy the courses but be aware of other walkers and bikers.



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