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Organizer: Karen Martino (Course Planner)

**Update: I will be handing the map out at 11:30 so you will have 30 min. to plan your course. Arrive accordingly or lose your precious planning time. Race will start at noon! You have 3 hours to get as many points as you can but don't be late or you will lose points rapidly! You will be given a 1:10,000 scale map to navigate with, but it will be printed on two sides of the paper, so hard to plan your route on. You will be given a 1:17,500 scale map to do your route planning and you can see the whole deal, but I certainly wouldn't use that map to navigate with!

**There will be no water on the course so you will need to carry your own. It looks like it will be a pleasant, sunny day and our climate is pretty drying here, so I suggest you take water. Pretty much all of the lakes/sloughs marked as blue on the map are now dry or mud holes, so don't be expecting to find any "fresh water" out there!

Day one of the Mini Rogaine two day challenge will take place on the Eager Hills/Double Duck map. This map has very runnable terrain with a mix of open grasslands and incredible Ponderosa Pine forest, with many big hills, and lots of rock/cliff features for you orienteering pleasure! A portion of this map was used in the 2010 North American Orienteering Championships and again for the 2015 "Run the Wild" event. This is an event you don't want to miss as it truly is an orienteering dream map! This is the East Kootenay's and weather tends to be more moderate into October here which is another great reason to make the trip to Kimberley/Cranbrook.

You can run solo or grab a partner and form a team! You will have 3 hours to get as many controls as possible that have different point value. In true "Rogaine" fashion, you will have a short period of time (I am still deciding on how long!) before the race start time of 12 noon to get your map and plan your course! Plan carefully so that you get back within the 3 hour time limit or you will lose points for each minute you are late.

The start/parking area, will be at the Fraggle Rock parking lot just east of Cranbrook on Hwy 95/3 (See map below) Carpool if at all possible as this is a popular mountain bike area.



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