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Organizers: Hilary Anderson (Event Director), Michel Roberge (Assistant)

Map: Myrtle Banchlands - Kimberley

Join us for an evening of challenging forest orienteering on the Myrtle Benchlands map near Forest Crowne. Meet at the park entrance on the first bend in the road to Forest Crowne.

This map was made for the Middle event of the 2019 BC Championships. The central section can be tricky with many similar small hills and depressions hidden from view by denser vegetation. Surrounding areas have more open forest. There are trails around the map leading back to the finish. Map scale is 1:7500.

The Novice/Intermediate course is shorter and stays in the easier terrain. Controls are either a short distance from trails (for compass and distance estimation practice) or reached by following landscape “handrails” such as small valleys, ridges or along the top of slopes (for contour interpretation practice). A marked path will be available near registration/start to measure paces beforehand if you want to use this method to estimate distance traveled.

The Advanced course is longer and passes through the harder terrain for several controls but these are on obvious features reachable by careful contour reading and compass use.



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