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Short Course

Long Course

Organizer: JP Buysschaert (Event Director)

Map: Kimberley Nordic Centre Trails

Become a member of the Kootenay Orienteering Club here

Ski-O #2 - Kimberley Nordic Club

There will be a shorter course around 5km in length, and a longer course ( a bit longer straight-line distance than the first Ski-O in January).

Start Time: 1pm. Last Start: 2:30pm. You can show up and sign-in at the event starting 20 minutes before the event. There's no pre-set individual start times - you start when you're ready.

Course Info

For the second Ski-O event of the year - these courses will add a bit to the difficulty level of the January Ski-O #1. Expect more climb, more complex route choices, or both. This will be a good warm-up for the big Ski-O in March during NordicFest.

Update: The theme for this second Ski-O event is Map Simplification & Map Memory. Practice trying to refer to the map less often - and memorize your chosen route between controls. This skill will help you not having to slow or stop and look at the map as often. If you are new to Ski-Orienteering (or orienteering in general) - don't worry we'll give you a quick lesson before you start.

To take part in any of the Ski-O events - you must of course have a day ticket or be a member of the Kimberley Nordic Club. You must also be a member of the Kootenay Orienteering Club. The good news is that when you join the club now you receive free entry into one of the first two Ski-O events.

So use the link below to sign up for membership - and then select here which course you wish to ski.

If you already signed up as a member and didn't originally sign up for this Ski O but want to participate - put your name down for which course you want to do and you can pay the $5 fee at the event.



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