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Organizer: JP Buysschaert (Event Director)

Map: Kimberley Nordic Centre Trails

The Big-SkiO event taking place during NordicFest at the Kimberley Nordic Club.

Starts at 12pm Noon - 1pm
On-site Registration and sign in from 11:15 to 12pm

To sign-up for this event - use the KNC event registration for NordicFest.

Three courses will be offered:

Social/Family - about 4-5km in length

Challenge - 5-7km in length, with tougher route choices than the Social course

Epic - 9-11km, skiing all around and up and down the KNC, and in true expert Orienteering fashion you won't see your map until you start skiing.

If you've skied the Short course at any of the first two SkiO events this season - then the Challenge course is the one you want to ski at NordicFest. The Epic course is for those who've skied the Long course at one of this season's events.


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